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switch meta-teg Introduction
    In our days there is no one universal standard for presenting Cyrillic (aka Russian) text on the web. So I created this page to test what are the possible encodings that we can deal with. In addition to the different encodings, I give english translation, a bitmap image of the text and a transliterated version. Let's look at what we have here:
 Encoding  Alternative Names  Meta Tag 
UCS-2Unicode, all double-byteUCS-2
UTF-8Unicode, Little-Endian (Windows)UTF-8
WinWindows, win-1251, CP1251, Win-Cyrillic windows-1251
DOSCP866, IBM-866, DOS-866cp866
ISOISO-8859-5, SUNiso-8859-5
KOI-UKOI8-U, KOI8-URkoi8-u
Unicode Big-Endian UTF-8 FFFEunicodefffe

    So go ahead and click on buttons and see what you browser will display, for the comparison use the Image one, also you may want to play with charset meta tags and find out how well you browser can auto detect an encoding.