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We are currently overbooked and do not take new web design and development projects.
Currently the only service we can provide is a short consulting and recommendations for you new or existing web site, intranet site or software GUI.

we think hard, so your users don't have to
Dimka webDesign is a small consulting company that specializes in stylish, elegant web sites and user interfaces with good usability. Site layout design and usability of the interface are very important. Even if your company has a tiny site with only few static pages it is still as essential to have them done up to all modern standards, which also have high usability requirements. Software applications can often have great features, that users dream about, but they are hidden behind unintuitive and unproductive interface that was created by engineers that look at it from the easy-to-write point of view. We can help you to overcome many difficult issues related to usability and design.

We also offer a variety of ready to use templates (web pages (html and flash), power point presentations etc.)

if you are interested in our consulting services please contact Dmitri Zdorov at [email protected]


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